Did I say Portland, OR? How about Vancouver, WA?

Well Portland did not quite work out for us. We are now temporarily settled in the TownPlace Suites in Vancouver, WA. I have to say, I could stay here for quite some time. We are in the process of house hunting and decided Washington was a better fit. Stay tuned.

In the mean time, Max and I may go sit by the pool while our room gets refreashed or take a walk in the park that is part of the complex here. It is very rejuvinating.

I am taking this time to rethink my approach to genealogy as a profession. I need to be more flexible as we are likely to have more moves ahead in the future.

Hmm…the Portable Genealogist???

2 thoughts on “Did I say Portland, OR? How about Vancouver, WA?

  1. Hello Michael!

    Was great talking with you in regards to genealogy and how we might be related from our
    ancestors in Greene County Tennessee. My journey is just beginning and I want to ethically
    source my family tree. I have already realized that the records being kept are not the best
    in Tennessee and I have my work cut out for me finding Cutshaw’s, Tucker’s and Smith’s.
    Looking forward to delving into your website and look forward to future communications.
    Thank you for taking your time this evening to talk to me.

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